Join us June 18, 2016 in Riverside, California

  • Surprises around every corner, you never know who will show up.

    You'll have a chance to meet industry greats like NPC West Coast regular Jay Cutler. Enjoy the energy and humor of emcee Lonnie Teper, visit the vendors and grab a drink at the bar in the theater lobby!

    Jay Cutler announces that he'll be back!

  • Lonnie Teper's Classic

    The NPC West Coast and bodybuilding media legend Lonnie Teper are synonymous. Lonnie has been a hub of the bodybuilding world for over 30 years playing nearly every roll from host of over 500 shows including the Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic, veteran reporter for Iron Man Magazine, promoter and the man on the street working with everyone from Arnold to Jay.

  • Fox Performing Arts Center is perfect for a competitor!

    The NPC West Coast embodies the legendary golden days of the West Coast bodybuilding scene; an homage to the past and a platform for the future. To stay on the cutting edge of bodybuilding, 2016 will bring the re-imaging of the show with a spectacular new venue, the Fox Performing Arts Center. Eight massive dressing rooms, pump up area, on-site tanning and make-up are just part of what makes this contest, YOUR CONTEST!

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chris minnes

NPC West Coast joins the Tahoe Show & Ferrigno Legacy contests promoted by Chris Minnes

With a background in event promotion starting back in 1991, Chris has promoted hundreds of events including concerts, ski & snowboard races, mt. bike races and much more. Combining his event background with his customer service as a hotel general manager and passion for bodybuilding, Chris rolled out his first bodybuilding event, the Tahoe Show in 2011. The event doubled in size in year 2 and again in year 3. Now in its 6th year the show sells out annually.


This success caught the eye of bodybuilding legend Lou Ferrigno who partnered with Chris to create the Ferrigno Legacy. Now approaching its 3rd year, the Ferrigno Legacy is known around the world for its first class venue and service. We look forward to offering you the same high quality experience with the NPC West Coast.

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