Join us June 17, 2017 in Riverside, California

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    The 2016 NPC West Coast Classic was an amazing weekend thanks to our huge turnout of extremely well prepared competitors. Not only did they bring their "A Game" they brought an incredible vibe to the show! We also want to thank our title sponsor and our webstream host Also huge thank you to NPC West Coast Classic regular 4x Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler and Oksana Grishina. Also join industry legend, Chris "Real Deal" Cormier for an exclusive training seminar at the expo. See you next year in Riverside!

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  • Health & Fitness Expo

    The NPC West Coast Classic is now offering a health and fitness expo directly adjacent to main venue. It will include over 40 vendors, seminars, samples, special appearances, raffles with a boat load of prizes from our sponsors and feats of strength competitions. You'll be able to pick up the latest gym gear and try the newest supplements on the block. The expo is FREE and open to the public!

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  • Fox Performing Arts Center is perfect for a competitor!

    The NPC West Coast Classic embodies the legendary golden days of the West Coast bodybuilding scene; an homage to the past and a platform for the future. To stay on the cutting edge of bodybuilding, 2017 will bring you an even bigger show with at our venue, the Fox Performing Arts Center. Eight massive dressing rooms, pump up area, on-site tanning and make-up are just part of what makes this contest, YOUR CONTEST! The NPC West Coast Classic IS a NPC National Qualifier.

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Lonnie & Chris

The NPC West Coast Classic and bodybuilding media legend Lonnie Teper are synonymous. Lonnie, the promoter of the NPC West Coast Classic, has been a hub of the bodybuilding world for over 30 years playing nearly every roll from host of over 500 shows including the Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic, veteran reporter for Iron Man Magazine, show promoter and the man on the street working with everyone from Arnold to Jay.

NPC West Coast Classic joins the Tahoe Show & Ferrigno Legacy contests promoted by Chris Minnes. With a background in event promotion starting back in 1991, Chris has promoted hundreds of events including concerts, ski & snowboard races, mt. bike races and much more. Chris is best known for game changing contest, the Tahoe Show started in 2011 and the Ferrigno Legacy with bodybuilding legend Lou Ferrigno.

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